Land of opportunity

Yeongam, land of opportunity

Yeongam offers the least expensive lots for factories, an abundant industrial workforce, and the highest level of diverse administrative and financial incentives in the country. We will make your investment a great success. A 3D transportation network connecting to China and Japan via land, sea and air! An industrious workforce featuring a new labor-management culture! The industrial complex is surrounded by the wonderful Mt. Wolchul National Park, while the outstanding tourist resources of the "tourist leisure city" will add a new joy and vitality to your life.

Invest in Yeongam now!

We will do our best to help your investment achieve great success. We will always be ready to provide our assistance.

Yeongam, the "land of hope," and the "best place for investment!"

The moment you choose Yeongam, the logistics hub of Northeast Asia, your company will experience great joy and realize a new dream. Thank you.